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Oil & Gas

Euthenic Consortium has huge Oil Reserves worldwide. We provide services in E&P, Storage, Logistics, Distribution of Crude Oil, LPG and other Petroleum products to the world market.

Euthenic is providing services to its partners in various aspects of Oil & Gas exploration, be it integral drilling, maintenance and repairs of oil wells, extraction and transportation, logistics, storage and distribution of crude oil, natural gas and other petroleum products. Our teams match every step of your company and quantify the work done in the field.

Euthenic partners in various aspects of E& P and is also keen into developing new marketing strategies for them. We help you find out ways in which oil and gas can be processed and developed for optimum utilization.

Euthenic wants to be your partner when it comes to domestic discoveries as well as developing exploratory sites in foreign shores. Oil is a depleting source of energy and as a solution many companies are also devoting a lot of their resources towards the discovery of alternative energy sources, which would be beneficial to them. World over, this has become an accepted reality, we at euthenic are perusing such alternatives and helping our clients make the best use of the available options.

Euthenic is also helping majors in the field in maintenance operations of their equipments and certain oil wells, having a potential to be replenished. Energy related solutions are what Euthenic envisages to provide, solutions that are profitable as well as eco-friendly. Solutions that fulfill the needs of today with a vision for a better tomorrow.