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Biotech & Agritech

Biotech today, is revered as the technology of hope. Euthenic is helping its partners by detailing interested players, laying grounds for further innovation and providing value based ideas for providing high yielding quality products with low gestation period. Euthenic group sees a business potential in Agritech and Biotech area for new business entrepreneurs and also for the existing players in this sector.

Euthenic understands that new entrants and the existing players in the field are taking into consideration scanty availability of fertile land and water resources, need for high yielding planting material , seeds, newer farming techniques, modern harvesting and storage techniques and finding an alliance for the produce. Our endeavor is to find the best partners who can match the requirements.

Euthenic capitalizes on the challenges to create new business opportunities by inviting associates to develop Biotech facilities by creating Tissue Culture Laboratories, Green house and mist houses to produce planting material that has superior genetic and physiological characters, creation of the centre of excellence to educate the farming community on advantages of using superior planting materials, organic farming, bio-fertilizers, Biopesticides and crop management usage of advanced farming and irrigation techniques for cost effective farming. Euthenic also aims at creating cost effective contract farming facilities.

Some of the technological innovations in this sector are also leased out through us. Euthenic today, is working towards the livelihood security of millions of farming communities across the globe.