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Turnkey Projects

Euthenic group also takes up turnkey assignments and projects. We undertake projects and help our partnering businesses to develop state of the art units. We take up infrastructure projects, equip Hospitals with latest technology, and help in building operation ability of companies in new areas. Our capacity to build capacities from a scratch has helped us getting better assignments with our partnering companies.

We are strong in backward and forward integration processes and hence the projects undertaken by us are both effective and are able to meet the set time lines. Some of the projects that Euthenic had undertaken include providing expertise in Super specialty projects in the Healthcare sector. In the Infrastructure sector, we are developing metro Rail systems for our clients and seeking investments for the project too as a part of our assignment.

Euthenic is dedicated to the development of amenities which form a part of every project that is undertaken by us. Our undertakings also make leeway for the development of allied projects which form a part of the turnkey solutions. Our endeavors have helped us identify newer areas which might lead to betterment of our clients.

Some of our projects have helped us understand the requirements of our partners better and although our assignment is short term, we have recommended them to switch over to other similar lines. Euthenic understands that profitability is a driving force behind every business, but we also accept the reality that in an increasingly competitive environment where the returns are shaky, it becomes a necessity for companies to realign its facilities and invest in projects that have better returns.

Turnkey solutions by Euthenic are not just based on outsourcing of projects, but also involve projects within the organization. Here we help partnering companies attain the required output, identify key growth areas and bring o?t optimum solutions.

Turnkey assignments undertaken by Euthenic today are not just solutions for a limited period but they are solutions with a eye on a bright future. Our assignments are varied from Healthcare and Pharma to Engineering, Textiles and FMCG, from Oil and Gas to Biotech, whichever the assignment, the work done has been appreciated at all levels.
Euthenic looks to make the most of it and continues its pursuit for excellence.