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Marketing & Business Development

Euthenic group has studied the changing market scenario and also is aware of the marketing trends. We help you attain marketability of your products and services by conducting pilot studies, creating teams that are smoothly able to find out operability and develop your business in uniform manner. Marketing is more than a functional aspect for Euthenic. We understand that every product or service is made for the market, and without the right kind of orientation, these will find it difficult to find acceptance in the minds of the target audience. Euthenic initiates steps like Market Intelligence Solutions in alliance with our US based partners and draws up parameters under which the products can find their way into the right kind of consumers.

Business development is the main forte of Euthenic group. Our panel of experts are always on the lookout for new business opportunities in diverse sectors. We try to fuse the current operations of our partners with these opportunities and enhance their productivity as well as increase the chances of product innovations.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals companies are marketing themselves aggressively as the sector gets more and more competitive. Today the segment is dominated by niche players as well as players who have the best of marketing techniques and contracts. Euthenic has partnered with companies that are present in APIs, Intermediaries, Finished formulations,Dosages, Herbal cures in Generic and Ethical Markets. Global standards are also helpful in marketing the companies products. This is one sector where quality is not a compromise but a necessity. Euthenic takes care that these products made by our partnering companies is upto the mark hence they can break into the markets identified with greater ease.

Euthenic group through its market research team is working continuesly on the products that are required in the different geographic regions of the world and disseminating this information to our business development team that identifies the product manufacturing companies who have the capability and capacity to meet the market requirements. The business development team also ensures the availability of the regulatory compliance with the sourcing company by providing regulatory knowledge or services.

Euthenic through its overseas partners is awarding contracts to companies which can manufacture generic products in a cost effective way. Euthenic group ensures that these manufacturing companies comply to the same standards that are followed by the parent sourcing company.

Euthenic understands that Clinical Trials which are becoming the basis for determining the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices. Euthenic has a team which caters to this need and facilitates its clients to successfully conduct the same as per the specific geographic regulatory norms and guidelines. We also understand the importance of product of product launch timeline and also the cost effectiveness for undertaking such services and hence ensure that these are met as per desired expectations.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is a sector which has more takers than there are players. This is one energy source which has a core marketability and core specialized communication within the sector is more significant. Euthenic is helping out companies find better markets and establish themselves as a credible partner in places which are in need for exploration. Euthenic is cutting out lucrative deals for our partners in facilitating Offshore/onshore Drilling, Well Production. We are also negotiating the retail opportunities for some of our partners.

Euthenic is developing stronger ties through sharing of organizational and technological practices, we are also optimizing on the investment process and integrating the virtues of both companies and putting the best profitable step forward. The development opportunities range from LPG, Petroleum by products and gas. Euthenic takes care that as per the area of specialization of our partners we mould the partnerships as per the requirement in any part of the globe. We are also helping in setting up diversification programs for established players within the sector to other areas and seeking partners/suppliers who can cater to these?needs.

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled services marketability is solely dependant on the product’s and services usability and compatibility. Euthenic is bringing the best available services to our partners, such as outsourcing services and providing technology based business solutions. We are advising interested partners in suggesting requisite outsourcing parameters such as cost effectiveness, domain knowledge, after sales support and timely delivery and implementation. We aim at transforming its Channel Partners to become Business Partners.

We are offering voice enabled and non-voice based BPO services to sectors such as banking, insurance, electronic document management. We are also working on knowledge outsourcing like legal advice, medical transcription, accounting services.

Biotech & Agritech

Biotech & Agritech industry needs specialist marketing salience which is similar to the IT sector but it is a bit more specialized. Biotech is an emerging sector and the developments in this sector are taken with skepticism, and so is agritech. It is widely revered as the technology of hope. Euthenic helps in breaking the stigma associated with new technology and is helping our partners by detailing interested players, laying grounds for further innovation and providing value based ideas for generating funds for further research. Euthenic group sees a business potential in Agritech and Biotech area for new business entrepreneurs and also for the existing players in this sectors.

Euthenic understands that new entrants and the existing players in the field are taking into consideration scanty availability of fertile land and water resources, need for high yielding planting material , seeds, newer farming techniques, modern harvesting and storage techniques and finding a marketing alliance for the produce.

Euthenic capitalizes on the challenges to create new business opportunities by inviting associates to develop Biotech facilities by creating Tissue Culture Laboratories, Green house and mist houses to produce planting material that has superior genetic and physiological characters, creation of the centre of excellence to educate the farming community on advantages of using superior planting materials, usage of advanced farming and irrigation techniques for cost effective farming. We are bringing contract farming opportunities for the farming community with and objective to maximize the utilization of the available land resources and last but not the least to promote research laboratories to come up with breakthroughs in the sector. Euthenic also aims at creating cost effective contract farming facilities to the customers.

Euthenic is educating farmers of the benefits of the new technological innovations in crop biotechnology, organic farming, bio-fertilizers, Biopesticides and crop management. Biotechnology today is overcoming the challenges in agriculture and Euthenic is instrumental in ensuring the livelihood security of millions of farming families throughout the globe.

Euthenic is marketing the agriculture produce in the global markets at competitive rates. Some of the technological innovations in this sector are also leased out through us.


Infrastructure is an industry which needs to be marketed for funding to FIIs and to investment consultants with equal enthusiasm. Euthenic supports ventures and contributes by raising support systems like power, energy, transport, super speciality hospitals project and other peripherals. Euthenic has initiated studies of various projects which are in the developed sector. We have been successfully marketing our projects with some of our partnering institutions and these projects have been well received by the government bodies as well as organizations that have interests in partnering with us.

Euthenic currently has major partnerships in areas like metro rail systems, Power & Energy, Highways and Public / Surface transport systems. We are supporting the government by finding out suitable partners to facilitate creating Built Operate and Transfer systems. We are helping transit agencies leverage their ROI by providing high-tech transport applications such as automated vehicle management, kiosks and security access controls.

In the energy sector we have identified ways and means for our partners to invest in renewable and non-renewable energy sources in energy deficient areas as well as transfer of surplus power to deficient areas.

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG are high on Euthenic’s priority list as these are the products which have a short selling period and high on usability. Marketing these products is bound with complexities. Euthenic endorses some of it’s partner’s products and has identified the buyers in the production side, creating platform for our suppliers where they can try to gain more, based on our knowledge and our negotiation skills. We are into product sampling, testing and identifying newer markets for our partners and salability of their products.

Euthenic is aggressively promoting products that are manufactured by Small and medium manufacturing units in India, USA and parts of Europe through our tie-ups. Euthenic is also addressing the needs of the global textile sector through efficient logistic support, penetration information, sales, branding and market research

Euthenic provides for outsourcing of Gems and Jewellery and are set to venture into this sector by developing services such as availing skilled labour, duty free imports of raw materials and advanced technologies. We are keeping a tab on the market and giving suggestions based on the current trends and recommending design concepts.