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Manufacturing & Product Development

Euthenic provides inputs to manufacturing sectors by helping lean towards six sigma efficiency as well as derive new methods in improving productivity which makes your company leaner and more efficient. We also are involved in the field of product development and are jointly helping in innovations for our partners. We are providing value added advice on modification and development of their production facilities to meet client specific regulatory norms and market requirement.

Euthenic understands that not all sectors need manufacturing and product development inputs. Some of the sectors that Euthenic is making inroads are Healthcare and Pharma, Oil & Gas, IT & IT enabled services, Biotech & Agritech, Infrastructure, Engineering., Textiles & FMCG.

Euthenic is providing product innovations as well as process innovations, identifying similar facilities and capacities that are under utilized and have a potential to be utilized for subcontracting, enabling cost efficient production and providing world class product development support. We are facilitating creation and investment in new product lines to tap emerging business opportunity.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sector is always in need of product developments especially when it comes to providing cures in generic and ethical markets. Euthenic’s partners are providing manufacturing facilities, we have identified some of the best manufacturing facilities (as per country specific norms) which can be utilized by producers who do not see it makes economic sense in investing another plant but are willing international partners in subcontracting the facilities to these companies. In this manner we are helping reduce the amount of deliberations that goes into such a process. Euthenic has partnered with companies that are present in Ethical, Generic, Intermediaries, Finished formulations, APIs, dosages& Herbal cures. This sector being highly specialized, we maintain extremely high quality standards while our partnering with companies. This way it is easier to enter the identified markets as well as highly competitive ones. Euthenic’s partners conform to the most stringent of quality checks such as US Federal Standard 209E class of cleanliness. Environment friendly VAHP chillers and isolated production facilities are some of the standard facilities which are there with our partners. Euthenics advices its partners in supply chain creation and production of APIs as well as certifications. We are advising our partners on the current scenario in markets and providing the right formulation.
Euthenics covers the core broad areas in products like pharmaceutical formulations , biotechnology, API, Chemicals and Diagnostics. Some of the products available with our partners are Anti-hypertensives/Anti-Agninals, Vitamins, Heamantinics, cough syrups, NSAIDS, Anti-infectives and many more.

Euthenic has also ventures in Super specialty hospitals, clinical trials/research medical colleges, which form the places for product development and innovations.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is sector which is extraction and production based sector. Euthenic is providing inputs to companies to diversify into produces other than Oil such as LPG, Petroleum by products. We have partnered with consortiums as well as niche players and developing product development and marketing strategies at various levels. Euthenic is cutting out lucrative deals for our partners in facilitating Offshore/onshore Drilling, Well Production. We are also negotiating the retail opportunities for some of our partners.

Euthenic is developing stronger ties through sharing of organizational and technological practices. We are also optimizing on the investment process and integrating the virtues of both companies and putting the best profitable step forward. Our partner’s operating facility has its own laboratory, complete with requisite instrumentation. We are helping set up extracting facilities, facilitating refining capacities and are into geo-logical research/survey at potential sites. Euthenic is channelising the surplus production such as LPG, LNG,CNG to needy markets.

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled services is more dependent on services and innovations. Euthenic is bringing the best available services to our partners, such as outsourcing services and providing technology based business solutions. The product development here is more pertaining to software development.

We are also offering voice enabled and non-voice based BPO services to sectors such as banking, insurance, electronic document management. We are also working on knowledge outsourcing like legal advice, medical transcription, accounting services. From Product development purview our partners are developing area specific products like data management systems, record and accounting systems, advanced technological innovations such as embedded technological products which are applicable in innovations such as Bluetooth, gaming and many more.

We are helping customized solutions to Healthcare and Pharma by providing software which will help in record maintenance, patient database and other value added software. We are also providing software solutions which are specific to Human Resource Management and administrations as well as some of the newly developed solutions are also being implemented in FMCG sector through us.

Biotech & Agritech

Biotech & Agritech industry is widely revered as the technology of hope. Biotech is an emerging sector and the developments in this sector are taken with skepticism, and so is agritech. Euthenic is laying grounds for further innovation and product developments by providing value based ideas. Euthenic group is aware of the business potential in Agritech and Biotech area for new business entrepreneurs and also for the existing players in this sector.

Euthenic understands that for manufacturing and product development facilities such as Biotech facilities such as Tissue Culture Laboratories, Green/Mist house to produce planting material that has superior genetic and physiological characters are required. We act as a facilitator and identify such places to encourage development of better variety products in terms of high yield , less growth time, have stronger immunity to diseases and pests, less water consuming, have high demand and there is a readymade market. Euthenic also aims at creating cost effective contract farming facilities to the customers.

Our aim is to create high-tech production facilities with optimum productivity. We are also providing best quality seeds to contract farmers and farming community to help generate greater and better productivity. We are also imparting and inculcating the need for use of modern cultivation and harvesting techniques, improved irrigation formats and better storage facilities.


Infrastructure is a sector which is high on Euthenic’s priority list. Euthenic supports ventures and contributes by raising support systems like Public Transport, Super Specialty Hospitals project, Power& Energy and other peripherals.

Our partnerships are with the best among the industry, who are having interests in tie-up with international projects as well as with entrenched local players. We are providing opportunity in the form of PPP, BOT, investments and equity, management to contribute towards the development of these projects.

We are successfully marketing and managing our projects with some of our partnering institutions and these projects have been well received by the government bodies as well as organizations that have interests in partnering with us. Most of these projects are related to the development of the public amenities which contribute to the larger development of the state.

Euthenic currently has major partnerships in areas like metro rail systems, Power & Energy, Highways and Public / Surface transport systems. We are helping transit agencies leverage their ROI by providing high-tech transport applications such as automated vehicle management, kiosks and security access controls. We are opening up investment opportunities for these partners and helping them build cities, roads,rails and much more.

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG Euthenic endorses some of it’s partner’s products and has identified the buyers in the production side, creating platform for our suppliers where they can try to gain more, based on our knowledge and our negotiation skills. We are into product sampling, testing and identifying newer markets for our partners and salability of their products.

In Engineering we are providing manufacturing facilities such as tools, pharma machinery, processes, heavy engineering, earth movers, heavy tool casting and Auto parts which are sourced to international consortium partners. We provide equitable ties between suppliers and built unit manufacturers.

We are having world renowned manufacturing facilities for fabric such as denim, cotton, house products, finished products and facilities such as power looms and weaving. Our partner’s have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and have facilities in Modern Ring Spinning and/or Open End Yarn. Our partners are having a platform of decentralized powerlooms which can be utilized to its optimum capacities.

In FMCG the manufacturing and production is on a daily basis in consumption. Euthenic has partnerships mainly in Gems and Jewellery. In this sector we are providing the best in design concepts and developing manufacturing capacities to our partners and giving valuable operational insights. We are making our presence felt in cosmetics and are introducing the manufacturing facilities to the interested companies.