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Foreign Collaboration & Technology Transfer

Euthenic believes that foreign collaborations are a necessity when companies need to grow. We do not believe in diluting your cause when a collaboration is made, infact we ensure that the trade off is mutually profitable.

Foreign collaborations help companies to diversify as well as prospect for better business opportunities worldwide. Euthenic is involved in such deliberations and is mobilizing its efforts towards helping our partners find the right partner in the sector who understands their need as well as brings in the cohesiveness to the company.

Similarly, Technology transfers are also promoted by us as a two way process, as we understand the needs of partners, assess their requirement, gauge the operational conditions to allow the applicable level of technology through consortium partners and provide the best deal. Euthenic is providing the best of in-demand businesses and is changing the working environs with the best quality that ultimately helps in business growth. We are revolutionizing the way in which the industry is working and continuously setting higher standards.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals is a sector in which foreign collaborations play a critical role as patented technology is used and companies often have to make use of their resources. Euthenic identifies such partners. Euthenic through its partnerships is developing capacities for molecule research, genome mapping, cloning and is studying other developments in the sector which will be helpful in developing miracle drugs and cures that are today termed as incurable.

Technology transfer through our foreign consortiums is streamlining the research and innovations that are taking place in the industry. The main motive behind transfer of technology is to harness the potential of thousands of research scientists ?nd provide faster and more feasible healthcare solutions. The key here is to improve the capacities and do away with the process delays that occur in this sector. Euthenic is facilitating the organizational shift from existing technology to new technology.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is a sector which will be handicapped without any collaboration. However big the entities involved, Euthenic has tied up with countries and majors in the sector to bring out the best. Foreign collaborations help in setting up deals for distribution and logistics for supply of LPG and petroleum products, researching the opportunities to explore oil in newer areas. Euthenic is working on deals with Oil majors who having untapped reserves and surplus capacity and sourcing it to oil deficient sectors. Euthenic serves as a bridge between partners who are having sound technological background, investment capabilities and trained manpower.

Technology transfer in this sector is a necessity and companies are today investing a lot in leasing of the same as majors can today afford to invest in an industry that has diminishing returns. Euthenic is encouraging partnerships between these like minded companies who are today joining hands to explore and produce Oil & Gas. We are identifying newer technogies by which our partners in the sector can upgrade their capacities and attain greater heights. Euthenic is also in the meantime encouraging the use and production of biofuel, adaptation of technology for running vehicles with hydrogen, researching the feasibility of fuel cell technology.

We can proudly say that today we are covering every aspect of Oil& Gas as well as bringing in the environment friendly wave of using fuels. Our consortium partners realize that the depleting energy sources is pressing the need to discover better alternative energy solutions while judiciously using the current available ones.

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled services is a sector which thrives on collaborations. Euthenic is bringing the best available services to its channel partners, such as outsourcing services and providing technology based business solutions. We are providing interested partners requisite outsourcing parameters such as cost effectiveness, domain knowledge, after sales support and timely delivery and implementation. We are offering voice enabled and non-voice based BPO services to sectors such as banking, insurance, e?ectronic document management.

We are also working on knowledge outsourcing like legal advice, medical transcription, accounting services, and newer technical developments in the sector to be readily available to our partners in various countries.

Euthenic is also concentrating on some of the latest technological solutions such as security systems, mobile up gradation, tracking devices for social security, surface transport, aviation, business intelligence and various other sectors which have salience with IT.

Biotech & Agritech

Biotech & Agritech is also dependant on technology transfers and foreign collaborations. Biotech today, is revered as the technology of hope. Euthenic is helping its partners by detailing interested players, laying grounds for further innovation and providing value based ideas for providing high yielding quality products with low gestation period. Euthenic group sees a business potential in Agritech and Biotech area for new business entrepreneurs and also for the existing players in this sector.

Euthenic understands that new entrants and the existing players in the field are taking into consideration scanty availability of fertile land and water resources, need for high yielding planting material , seeds, newer farming techniques, modern harvesting and storage techniques and finding an alliance for the produce. Our endeavor is to find the best partners who can match the requirements.

Euthenic capitalizes on the challenges to create new business opportunities by inviting associates to develop Biotech facilities by creating Tissue Culture Laboratories, Green house and mist houses to produce planting material that has superior genetic and physiological characters, creation of the centre of excellence to educate the farming community on advantages of using superior planting materials, organic farming, bio-fertilizers, Biopesticides and crop management usage of advanced farming and irrigation techniques for cost effective farming. Euthenic also aims at creating cost effective contract farming facilities.

Some of the technological innovations in this sector are also leased out through us. Euthenic today, is working towards the livelihood security of millions of farming communities across the globe.


Infrastructure is dependent on funding and sometimes the major chunk/portions of it come through foreign collaborations. Euthenic supports ventures and contributes by raising support systems like power, energy, transport, super specialty hospitals project and other peripherals. Euthenic has initiated studies of various projects which are in the developed sector.

Euthenic currently has major partnerships in areas like metro rail systems, Power & Energy, Highways and Public / Surface transport systems. We are supporting the government by finding out suitable partners to facilitate creating Built Operate and Transfer systems. We are helping transit agencies leverage their ROI by providing high-tech transport applications such as automated vehicle management, kiosks and security access controls. Most of the projects that Euthenic has taken up is heavily dependant on collaborations with consortium partners who are not only funding these projects but also bringing in new technology to develop them.

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG are high on Euthenic’s priority list as these are the products which have a short selling period and high on usability. Euthenic endorses some of it’s partner’s products and has identified processing partners, creating platform for our suppliers where they can try to gain more, based on our knowledge and our negotiation skills. We are into product sampling, testing and identifying newer markets for our partners and salability of their products. Some of the innovations in the sector like usage of bamboo in apparel are being promoted by us. All these are invariably through collaborations and technology transfer with various partners at various levels across the globe.

Euthenic is aggressively promoting products that are manufactured by Small and medium manufacturing units in India, USA and parts of Europe through our tie-ups. Euthenic is also addressing the needs of the global textile sector through efficient logistic support, penetration information, sales, branding and market research.

Euthenic provides for outsourcing of Gems and Jewellery and are set to venture into this sector by developing services such as availing skilled labour, duty free imports of raw materials and advanced technologies. We are regularly providing design concepts that are contemporary and faster to adapt so that they can be flooded in the markets, thus our partners can be benefited.

Euthenic is taking the support of various nodal government agencies in helping make a smooth transition as far as transfer of technology is concerned for these sector.

Euthenic is promoting the Engineering sector by providing support to small and medium sized companies. The finished machinery are promoted to manufacturers who are looking for more affordable and durable products. We are bringing in new technologies through collaborations. We are working with partners who are into manufacture of products as basic as machine tools but their quality and competitive pricing are a potential source for bigger players.