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Financial Services & JV

Euthenic is at the forefront of managing strategies for Financial Services Industry. We provide Finance Services and banking services in varied businesses. Similarly, Joint Ventures (JVs) have also helped our clients raise capital in the need of the hour. We have arranged for appropriate funding for our partnering clients during the times of expansion, diversification, revival as well as new endeavors.

Euthenic strongly believes that when it comes to expansion of capacities and diversification, Mergers and Acquisitions play a critical role as these not only help in making the transition smoother but also reduces cumulative risks as well as optimizes the margins. We are providing our business partners the opportunity to strengthen their bases in newer markets and in this manner attain foothold.

Euthenic looks for the right kind of strategic finance partners, partners who are keen on JVs, partners who are looking to acquire production units at discounted valuations, take up turnkey projects and provide every business the right mix. We are channelising the funding of projects for the central and government bodies for various infrastructure projects.

Our group consortium has access and partnerships across the board with various FIIs, Banking institutions and International Funding agencies has helped in cementing newer relationships and attaining long term associations.

As per Euthenics main industrial focus which are of Healthcare & Pharma, Oil & Gas, IT & IT enabled services, Biotech & Agritech, Infrastructure, Engineering, Textiles & FMCG. A plethora of financial services are provided in measured manner so that each sector does gets the best deal.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals today is a segment dominated by niche players who are willing to take up challenges which best suit the company’s requirement. For these kinds of ventures the companies do need adequate funding, Euthenic ensures that our partners do get them. Euthenic through its consortium of FIIs and JVs with like minded companies makes the task easier for the players in the sector to achieve their targeted growth. To obtain/achieve the best of marketing techniques and contracts, being present in Intermediaries, Finished formulations, Dosages, APIs, Herbal cures in Generic and Ethical Markets is an expensive affair, Euthenic takes care of such complexities. We are promoting new products which have complied with global standards, funding projects for newer innovations and assisting the companies in complying with the regulatory requirements.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is an exploratory sector, JVs are the norm when it comes to ventures in various countries. Euthenic is helping out companies find better markets and establish themselves as a credible partner in places which are in need for exploration. Euthenic is cutting out lucrative deals for our partners in facilitating Offshore/onshore Drilling, Well Production. We are also negotiating the retail opportunities for some of our partners. Institutional backing in this sector is sought through Euthenic’s consortium who provide the requisite financial muscle. Our global JVs are funding exploratory projects in new potential geographic locations.

Euthenic is developing stronger ties through sharing of organizational and technological practices. We are also optimizing on the investment process and integrating the virtues of both companies and putting the best profitable step forward. Through timely and requiste financial help from FIIs, our associates are developing petro complexes and setting up refining projects and various related development opportunities.The development opportunities range from LPG, Petroleum by products and gas. Euthenic takes care that as per the area of specialization of our partners, we mould the partnerships in any part of the globe. We are also helping in setting up diversification programs for established players within the sector to other areas and seeking partners/suppliers who can cater to these needs. We make it a point that the companies involved in E&P do not face a road block and facilitate the availability of money through various methods like debt financing, bank guarantees and through its resource pool. We also fund acquisitions in the field and help partners in mortgaging some of their assets.

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled services need the financial help when it comes to start ups and tapping the market opportunities. Euthenic is bringing the best available services to our partners, such as outsourcing services and providing technology based business solutions. We are processing various business ideas and solutions that have the potential to become tomorrow’s big idea and are sorting out the financial viability of the sector.

Euthenic through its partners is investing heavily in ventures which are possible between companies that are having completely varied product lines. We are also conducting studies for feasibility of investing in various countries where the potential for ROI is far greater due to high output and low cost of running the companies. Euthenic is aware that the business of Information Technology is the business of ideas, this means that it is important to be the first to reach the markets, the first to innovate to reap the real benefits. We facilitate the availability of money through various methods like debt financing, bank guarantees, project financing and through its resource pool.

Biotech & Agritech

Biotech & Agritech industry needs are similar to the IT sector but it is a bit more specialized. It is widely revered as the technology of hope. Investment opportunities in this sector are huge considering the fact that these companies could come up with innovations that are path breaking.

Valuable insights from the point of investing in Green/mist houses to high bred seeds to finding out the potential markets for these products are bound with high risk, we are so far taking that risk with our sight set on the bright future of this sector.

Research, funding new technology, education and training cost, JV-for bringing in tech, new set up, introduction of new techniques, education and training, FS- gear up for increased yield/output, forward integrating chains such as harvesting facilities/storage capacities.


Infrastructure is an industry which needs to be marketed for funding to FIIs and to investment consultants with equal enthusiasm. Euthenic supports ventures and contributes by raising support systems like super specialty hospitals project power, energy, transport, and other peripherals. Euthenic has initiated studies of various projects which are in the developed sector. We have been successfully marketing our projects with some of our partnering institutions and these projects have been well received by the government bodies as well as organizations that have interests in partnering with us.

We are bringing the requisite finance for BOT projects, projects involving technology, equipments as well as providing the grounds for utilization of available resources. Our forte lies in funding of new projects as well as providing inputs for current projects which are facing a roadblock due to financial constraints.

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG are sectors which require regular infusion of funds. The requirement can be as varied as increase in production capacity, financing huge projects or for long term financing for setting up of distribution networks and sometimes to meet the requirements of bulk orders. Proper finance at the right time does help in meeting the timelines and helps in achieving repeat orders. This factor is true to every sector and not just Engineering, textiles and FMCG.

Joint Ventures in this sector is a prevalent practice. Whatever be the need of the hour, Euthenic brings the solution after conducting an in-depth study. We finance JVs and help forge a new stronger forces which give the partnering companies greater market salience.