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Business Management Strategy

Euthenic Group firmly believes that management plays an integral role in today?s business. We utilize various management techniques which have helped in giving insight into your business and evolve a strategy that is unique only for your business. If yours is a company that is competent and is having excess or reserve capacities, Euthenic is willing to find ways and means to utilize them. Our strong belief in two way transfer of capacities has helped in developing stronger mutually beneficial business associations.

Euthenic believes that strategy is not limited to one sector or industry. It differs with different styles of functioning of different organizations.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals have a requirement for better medicines at cheaper prices, the cost should be variable and should be timely as well as effective. For such needs, Euthenic sources product ranges across the globe and brings in the required medication, supplies infrastructure support and state-of-the-art equipments. We have partnered with companies that have presence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediaries, Finished formulations, Herbal cures and Pharma Machinery. Euthenic has partners who are in the field of collaborative research and are working tirelessly to make the best available drugs. Our partners are having plants which are at par with global standards as well as? approvals like CGMP certified by WHO, MCC South Africa, ANVISA Brazil, UHMP- UK and their products are also certified by US FDA. Our aim is to ensure that there is never a shortfall and completing the supply and demand chain from production to distribution of the products.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas industry is at its peak today. In spite of growing consumption, the production of oil is still in demand although natural gas is slowly gaining acceptance as a better fuel. Euthenic?s strategy for this sector is to source from partners who are into exploration and production, distribution, repair and maintenance across the world and provide cost benefit evaluation to oil majors. We have partnered with companies that are into lucrative deals like Offshore/onshore Drilling, Well Production .Euthenic is also working on the potential of retail business of this sector and establishing networks?in evolving markets like India and South America. Our partnerships have helped in developing markets for crude oil, LPG and similar byproducts.

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled services is a sector which is gaining momentum as a basic value based service and is also developing sophistication . Euthenic foresees that in the near future for every industry, inputs from this sector will become a necessity. Hence our aim is to be a leader in equipping every sector in IT. We are exploring the markets and sourcing from established players to provide technological solutions. Euthenic aims at transforming its Channel Partners to become Business Partners through efficient distribution of value products and latest technology based e-applications worldwide. We have identified newer areas where the potential for outsourcing and technological development is far greater.

We are providing offshore and onshore development facilities by partnering with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing) sectors.? We are updating ourselves and bracing ourselves and our partners to tap the potential of the future. Currently we provide data warehousing services, application design and development, SAP implementation, CRM, peoplesoft, financial services like tax processing, risk management. Hardware is also one of the sectors which is prominent and our partners are benefited with regular flow of business through our consortium.

Biotech & Agritech

Biotech & Agritech industry is one sector which the markets are bullish about. The successes of some companies have given others to follow and put more money into R& D in this sector. Euthenic is facilitating setting up of tissue culture labs and plant Hardening facilities to help the players gain foothold in the world market. We are also into contract farming, setting platform for development strategy for genome research, organic research and cultivation.

Agritech is a sector which will never lose its prominence as newer technologies are being developed to sustain the food needs of the world. World over scientists are developing means and ways to obtain higher yield even from the shrinking land used. This sector is not very technology driven because of the cost factors that are still hurting the basic agriculturist. Better cultivation using advanced technologies is an aspect that we are working on. Euthenic aims to provide better alternatives and transfer these technologies so the agriculturist can gain as well as the end customer can be assured of good quality products.


Infrastructure is one sector which will stay in vogue as long as cities keep growing and towns develop into cities. Euthenic supports ventures and contributes by raising support systems like power, energy, transport and other peripherals. Euthenic has studied and sourced studies of cities and developing cities which are in dire need of infrastructure development projects and where certain critical support to the urban development authorities will take the load off the administration. Our relations with nodal government bodies and decision makers have led to drawing up of plans for undertaking big projects. Our partners who are leaders in the sector are involved projects like development of Super Speciality Hospitals, Public Transport Systems like Metro Rails & Surface Transport, Power and Energy Sector, Highways. The construction business is filled with ample opportunities such as construction of various culverts, bridges, concrete paving, bitumen shoulders and guard rails.

Our partnerships are not just limited to private companies but also public companies which are involved i.e. Public Private Partnerships. Euthenic is involved at the basic level of these projects, and considering the enormity of the project we make sure that these are structured in a manner that is acceptable by various Financial Institutions.

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG

Engineering-Textiles & FMCG are totally different sectors but still their needs and supplies are similar. The companies involved in Engineering sector are basic as creators of spanners and nuts to Pharma machineries as well as Textile machinery. Euthenic identifies such simplified solutions which are high on precision tools and bridge the gap between quality suppliers and production facilities. Our stratergy is to source these manufacturers to the ultimate us?r, help the ultimate user to find the best vendor and increase the cost effectiveness at both ends.

Textile is an exiting sector where the markets are full of vigor and volatility. Euthenic understands that the need of the sector is keep on re-inventing themselves at every step in order to stay relevant. We have identified the buyers in the production side, creating platform for our suppliers where they can try to gain more based on our knowledge and our negotiation skills. We are also having collaboration with companies that manufacture power looms, packaging units and other deliverables for this industry. New product development in the textile sector plays a key to staying ahead and helping present players adapt to this is even more essential. As more and more processes like embroidery are becoming machine based adaptability is truly the key.

FMCG is a sector where there is never a dull moment. There are new products cropping up every day. Present players and new have approached Euthenic in providing them marketable solutions and we have helped these companies through product testing, identifying niche markets and a lot more. We are currently into Gems & Jewellery, Cosmetics. The strategy followed in this sector is to provide the finished products to manufactures, sourcing input materials, giving the design inputs to consortiums as well as identifying the market for our partners.